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24 Nov 2020

10 political Memes to lighten up your lockdown days 

10 political Memes to lighten up your lockdown days

How often do you look at memes?

Well, there’s no doubt today’s youngsters’ entertainment has been way ahead since the reign of memes in the internet world. The sources around are quite possible everywhere these days to invest someone’s humor to create memes.

One of the most bracing categories nowadays is the political memes that come to blow all over the world as the best reference to laugh and criticize the politicians from teenagers to adults. Every famous renowned politician from all over the world has been seized inside the meme world based on their life-style to their speeches for the public they serve.

Here are some faces that broke the internet as a part of the meme world for years:

1) The Immortal Her Majesty:

2) The Re-incarnation Of Honey Bear as a Chinese president Xi Jinping:

3) President Narendra Modi Breaking the Walls of memes in Southern Asia:

4) Former US President Mr. Barack Obama:

5) Former United States Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton:

6) The Most well-known The US president Mr. Donald Trump:

7) World Most powerful Man With Amusing Memes Vladimir Putin

8) UK Prime minister Boris Johnson when he was tested positive for coronavirus:

9) The time when Kim Jong-un almost died:

10) Nepal Prime Minister KP Oli while presenting speeches To Public:

Disclaimer: This article is fictional and is solely made for entertainment purposes. For more memes like this: SiniteCoMemes

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    no 7 made me lol in real

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