21-years-old boy from Bengal commits suicide because of PUBG ban

The release of a mobile version of the widely popular online multiplayer fps game PUBG opened up new opportunities and platforms for gamers and game enthusiasts worldwide. However, it was received very well especially by the Indian gaming community.

PUBG became a fastly spreading phenomenon in India. Many of these formerly unknown gamers became very popular thanks to PUBG. A lot of them even started earning a substantial amount of money playing the game on stream and professionally.

PUBG very quickly became a part of the daily life of many teens and youths of India but last week the Indian Government released an official statement that turned out to be nothing less than a nightmare for these people.

The Indian government decided to ban PUBG, PUBG lite along with 116 other apps claiming that these apps were stealing the user’s data and sharing them with servers outside of India. The ban was brought into action on 2 September and soon after all the respective apps were removed from the Playstore.

This ban received a mixed reaction from the public. Some praised it and were in favor of the ban while many resented the decision and were against it. Since PUBG was a big part of many people in India this ban affected many and everyone showed their anger and disappointment in different platforms and ways. However, this ban seems to have had a more drastic effect on one individual more than the rest.

Pritam Halder, a 21-years-old ITI student from the Nadia district of West Bengal allegedly took his life soon after the ban was imposed out of frustration from not being able to play the game. His mother Ratna said that after having his breakfast on the morning of Friday he went to his room.

Later in the afternoon when she went to call him for lunch his room was locked from the inside and even after repeated banging he wouldn’t answer it. She then called the neighbors for help who then helped her break the door open. The boy was found hanging from his ceiling Friday afternoon.

Pritam’s mother strongly believes that he committed suicide out of frustration as the ban had barred him from playing the game after it was imposed on Wednesday.

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