“A Curse To Today’s Hip-Hop”

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No Hip-Hop fan could forget the sad passing of “XXX-Tentacion“. The Hip-Hop fans were still mourning the death of “Nipsey Hussle” who passed away in March 2019, and now in December, we lost “Juice Wrld” who was only 21. “Jarad Anthony Higgins” a.k.a. Juice Wrld passed away on December 8, 2019, due to seizure. Juice Wrld introduced himself to the world with his song “Lucid Dreams” in 2017. It wasn’t a hit but then after a year, it became double platinum climbing up the Billboard chart to 2nd spot. He was making his way to Hip-Hop through his unique songs. He generally rapped about his relationships, girls and drugs. Juice had a unique sound, his voice sounded like “Post Malone” but his lyrics were like “XXX-Tentacion” or “Lil Uzi Vert“. Although Juice was only in the Hip-Hop scene for a couple of years, he accomplished a lot. Billboard Hot One Hundred, platinum records, major label deals, features with other famous artists, a Youtube channel with multimillion views, you name it he had it all. Even in social media, he had a large following and this year only he had his song topping the chart.

Image Credit:lastfm.freetls.fastly.net

Previous year Juice mentioned “What’s the 27 Cl-u-u-u-ub? We ain’t making it past 21” in his song “Legends” which he released as a response to “XXX-Tentacion” and “Lil Peep’s” death. 27 club is also another tragedy to music. It’s all the great musicians who lose their life at the age of 27. What Juice meant is that most of the rappers now aren’t even making it past 27 and dying younger. Many emerging rappers are dying young as if this generation of rappers is cursed. Many musicians die every year, this is the sad truth but in hip-hop, for 3 consecutive years, we have lost many talented rappers. Seeing their causes both rappers Lil Peep and Juice Wrld died because of drugs. These days if you become a rapper, drugs come with it. It’s a sad reality where we live in, where people are dying because of drugs.

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