A look back at Irrfan Khan’s legacy

Indian National award-winning actor, Irrfan Khan made his film debut in Salaam Bombay! in 1988. Raised in Jaipur, Khan was born into a Muslim family of Pathan ancestry. A son of tire seller, Irrfan lacked the conventional good looks of a Bollywood superstar and hence got offered small roles in soap operas for a long long time.

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Irrfan Khan passed away on 29th April 2020 after battling from colon infection. In 2018, he was diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumor. Khan’s last movie was Angrezi Medium which was released shortly before the lockdown.

Khan has appeared in more than 100 Hindi movies. From “Life in a Metro” to Piku”, he wasn’t just limited to acting in Bollywood but extended his acting to Hollywood films including “Slumdog Millionaire”, “The Amazing Spider-man”, “Jurassic World” and the widely celebrated film “Life of Pi”.

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He got his breakthrough with starring roles in the dramas “Haasil” (2003) and “Maqbool” (2004). Be it his turn as the well-read, immigrant father in ‘The Namesake’ or playing the aging widower in the superb romance drama ‘The Lunchbox’ or his realistic acting in ‘Karwaan’, Khan had the power to inject grace into any role that he portrays.

In my view, Irrfan Khan was someone who could leave a lasting impression at the shortest screentime he acted on. He didn’t exhibit any of the features that defined an ideal mainstream Bollywood hero and that’s what made me like him more. Khan played everyman roles and made it super and extraordinary, somebody we could relate to. I cannot stress enough on how good he was on The Lunchbox, his subtle acting, and how he naturally presented himself.

“Failure is there to teach you something so that you can go beyond that. There is a lesson hidden in there.”
Irrfan followed this same lesson and it resulted in him being one of the finest actor Bollywood and the world has ever seen.

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