American Idol: Fans favorite Dibesh Pokharel (Arthur Gunn) comes second

Arthur Gunn a.k.a Dibesh Pokharel is breaking the internet after bagging the second spot in American Idol 2020. In the final, he faced a powerful Just Sam, who went on to win the Idol. The Nepal born singer-songwriter grabbed the headline from the start of the campaign catching the attention of judges Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan, and Katy Perry with his amazing rendition of “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Lionel was left in tears after the performance.

 A snippet from “Arthur Gunn -Nyano Ghar –Saal Session ep -4” on YouTube.

The Starboy Dibesh traces his musical journey back to his native country Nepal. “Music has always been my thing when I was a kid. I got my first guitar from my mom and then I started singing along [to] any song I could hear on [the] radio, TV. That’s when the dream started.” Arthur released his first Nepali album “Grahan”. The song “Nyano Ghar” from the album became a sensational hit on the internet.

Six years ago, he moved to Wichita, Kansas. And it was in the Midwest that he was pulled towards bluegrass and country music. “Living in Wichita really got me into bluegrass and country,” he said on American Idol.

“I am fascinated with ‘Art’ in every form and the outcome it can create,” he explained. “Hur” is a biblical name, which translates to “hole”. Meanwhile, “Gunn” signifies battle. That’s how Dibesh got his stage name “Arthur Gunn“‘.

Image Source: American Idol

The Nepali Powerhouse has not had one bad performance on the show and that shows the amount of dedication and passion he puts in every one of his songs. Even though he didn’t win the Idol, revisiting all of his American Idol performances, we can for sure say, he is Di-best.

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