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25 Nov 2020

Brazil’s Covid death toll 2nd in the world 

Brazil’s Covid death toll 2nd in the world

Brazil, which is one of the largest nations in South America that hit 1 million coronavirus cases. The first country to hit 1 million cases was the US and it has reached 2.4 million cases.

By overtaking the death toll of the coronavirus in the UK, Brazil replaces Britain’s position to be the country with second-highest death toll globally.

A few days ago, 909 deaths has reported due to COVID-19 putting the death toll above the UK’s making it the second-highest in the world.

Brazil is by far the worst-affected nation in the region and only second to the US globally, as it recorded over 1,192,474 cases and nearly 53,000 deaths.

South American countries like Peru and Ecuador are also hit badly by the virus. Meanwhile, the peak corona-virus terror will come to vision during August, as predicted by some health experts.

Mike Ryan, one of the WHO’s top emergency expert, said the situation in Brazil remains ‘of concern’. The locals also reported that the graveyard in some of the cities is terribly unmanaged.

Mr. Ryan is deeply concerned and worried about the cases in Brazil which he stated in a press meet.

Likewise, health experts have warned that the number of cases in South America could be higher because of insufficient testing.

The health’s pressure of the country is at its peak and the authorities deeply concerned about it.

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