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25 Nov 2020

COVID-19: A drill to be positive amid the chaos 

COVID-19: A drill to be positive amid the chaos

Do we like to keep ourselves equivalent when it comes to the poem composed by W. H. Davies’sleisure“? let’s add a tiny doubt over it.
Life has always been in a rush when our will approach to grab some coins to switch this life with a little bit of spark.
In this midst of the global pandemic, shutting ourselves is the only cure we have even after the months of the COVID-19 reign. Putting every dark desire aside a show of solidarity exhibited through volunteering is heartening.

Slight amount of fear during these dark times with this vision of life and death roaming around, that’s for everyone throughout the world. But More than that, this is the most crucial period for us to keep everything behind your friends and families which surely is a platform to observe those cherished smiles of our young ones. During a time of crisis like this, we can even increase people’s sense of mattering for each other by spending time grabbing a victory over our greediness.

To all the learners out there, we could consider it as a chance to feel like observing a point to take a turn and see how far we’ve gotten leaving everything behind. A golden shot to allow people to build confidence and self-esteem and to learn new skills which help them to

counteract low mood, by producing more positive thinking. A chance of volunteering ourselves to benefit our emotional health, sense of self, and satisfaction with life rather than prospective cohort or controlled studies.

As we see there’s much to serve much in our plate more than smothering our mind just because we’re forced to shut down for our survival. Self-volunteering and keeping everything aside from our usual daily routine could also be a part of a job sometimes to make everything right.

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