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26 Oct 2020
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COVID-19: How is the Internet helping survive this pandemic? 

COVID-19: How is the Internet helping survive this pandemic?

What’s worst than having nothing to do during a global pandemic? One cannot be mentally stable staying idle the whole lockdown.

Without going around let’s just get to it. According to the survey what most people have suggested or said is unsurprising, top of the list of things people say are “helping them is staying in touch with friends and family“. Obviously we cannot thank enough to the internet getting us out of boredom and not forgetting the internet is the top head that’s allowing us to keep in touch with our peers or family or friends. You name it.

Once again, what is helping you cope whilst staying at home?


From grocery shopping, to online classes everything is possible with this internet. According to 2016 survey out of 7,432,663,275 population, 3,424,971,237 numbers has access to Internet. Quite developed isn’t it? As this lockdown started, institutions and offices were closed and people were told to work from home and video-conferencing tool Zoom and video-chat app Houseparty have seen huge rises in take-up.

Zoom says its global daily users went from around 10 million in December last year to a massive 300 million in April, while Houseparty has revealed that its app has seen 50 million sign-ups. With that students can take up online classes without worrying about completing their syllabus and people

Not only getting occupied with video calling for classes or meetings but almost six in 10 people (57%) say they are watching films or using streaming services to help ease the impact of the crisis, according to the ONS. Nevertheless, pandemic or no pandemic, the Internet is playing a major rule in our lives and though it may have disadvantages it is also benefiting us the more.

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