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25 Nov 2020

Covid-19 In Nepal: 427 Infected, 45 Recovered and 2 Deaths 

Covid-19 In Nepal: 427 Infected, 45 Recovered and 2 Deaths

Nepal has significantly increased its count in the Covid-19 tally as the total reached 427 as of 20th of May 2020. As of today, 45 people have recovered and are out of the dilemma with 2 have died as a result of the virus.

The new cases in Nepal have ranged from all over the country including Dhankuta, Banke, Sunsari, Jhapa, Dailekh, and Biratnagar. Nepal reported 59 cases from Banke on Monday, which was a record total for a district in only just one day. The Nepal government has customarily brought Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) kits from India and China to scale the amount of test conducted at a time.

From quake to coronavirus, knee-jerk response from Nepal ...
Image Credit: Al Jazeera

Adding on, the Nepal Health Ministry outlined two following deaths due to Covid-19 earlier this week. The causalities included a 25 years old male from Banke who died on Sunday and was tested positive for the illness a while ago.
The spokesperson for the Health Ministry, Dr. Bikash Devkota reported in a press video “The diagnosed male had a fever and seemed to suffer from diarrhea since Saturday night. He died at 6:40 am on Sunday while at quarantine at Narainapur in Banke.”
Moreover, another causality was a 29-year-old pregnant woman whose delivery was due because of Covid-19.

Unlike in many countries, Covid cases are now just incrementing in Nepal which has extended the lock-down time after time again with final examinations for many grades on-hold. With the disease increasing day by day, stores and outdoor activities have been severely limited in the grudge of getting over the pandemic.
You can constantly be updated about the latest Covid cases in Nepal through Corona Tracker.

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