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25 Nov 2020

Covid-19: Sonu Sood – A Gem in the Lockdown 

Covid-19: Sonu Sood – A Gem in the Lockdown

Sonu Sood, a well-known villainous actor in the Bollywood and the South Indian industry has been engagingly captivating the public’s attention in the ongoing lockdown. The actor who has been helping thousands of immigrant workers in Mumbai has been receiving overwhelming gesticulation from the audience. He’s also been proactive on twitter where there have been some laughs regarding his replies and retweets.

The 46-year-old actor states he was afflicted when he saw many unemployed and drastically waiting to go back home. In an interview with BBC, Sonu reported,
“We started in March by distributing food, we started with 500 packets of cooked meals and groceries. Today we are distributing food and groceries every day to 45,000 people in slums, those stranded on the roads and those walking on the highways.”

Adding on, Sood recently altered his hotel in Juhu to a place to reside for the healthcare workers as he addressed,
“I’m really happy to open the doors of my hotel to these real-time heroes.”

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A funny tweet in Hindi that quotes
Sonu bhai, I’m trapped at home, please assist me to get to the liquor shop,” where Sood replied
Bhai, I can help get back home from the store. If so, let me know

The reply has more than 42,000 likes and over 5,700 retweets, increasing the actors reach on the media day-after-day. Sood has solitarily helped and made thousands of people’s day better in these monotonous lock down days.

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