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25 Nov 2020

Covid-19: Trump gets heavily criticized as the US crosses 100,000 deaths 

Covid-19: Trump gets heavily criticized as the US crosses 100,000 deaths

Within 4 months of the Coronavirus outbreak, the United States has summed over a total of 102,000 deaths. The number of people affected by Covid in the country adds up to a huge scale of 30% of the total in the world.

Image Source: Johns Hopkins University, 27 May – BBC

President Donald Trump has repeatedly faced backlash in social media for his unsteady judgement of the pandemic where one of the replies read
What happened after President Trump recognized China’s efforts to contain coronavirus on Jan 24? He called “coronavirus” the “new hoax” on Feb 28. He squandered 2 months to prepare the US before declaring a “national emergency” on Mar 13. Scapegoated China. Gross incompetence.

With well over 1.74 million confirmed, the lockdown situation seems to be out of proportion for the economic giant. Where Europe has recorded around 170,000 deaths, the US has almost caught up to it singlehandedly. The President has been accused of this mess of a scenario for acting too late or having a small response regarding this massive outbreak. However, Trump has opposed the public claim as he professed the outcome would have been 25 times higher if it wasn’t for him leading the country.

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