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25 Nov 2020

Did Hitler actually die in 1945? Nazi Germany Conspiracy 

Did Hitler actually die in 1945? Nazi Germany Conspiracy

World War 2 ended with Berlin bunker being bombed to dust. Along with the bunker, the demon behind the killings of millions of Jews, Adolf Hitler was dead too. The news stated that he, along with his wife Eva Braun, poisoned themselves with cyanide. But can we fully believe this news broadcast by Nazi Germany? Did Hitler actually die in 1945?

Nazi Germany in WW2 was full of conspiracies. Conspiracy theorists state that the death of Hitler was in itself a conspiracy. This is just a conspiracy theory and nothing is a guarantee. History tells us one thing, but could that be wrong? Could Hitler have got away with it?

Official Report:

Two years into the war, in September 1941, German arms seemed to be carrying all before them. Western Europe had been decisively conquered, and there were few signs of any serious resistance to German rule. The fundamental problem facing Hitler was that Germany simply did not have the resources to fight on so many different fronts at the same time. Amidst the World War 2, Germany was closing near to their defeat. Hitler fully understood the scenario of the whole situation which would result in the confirmed defeat of Germany. So, he decides to retire to his bunker in Berlin with his wife, and then they both commit suicide.

The body is then carried upstairs and is put into a shallow grave. Nazi radios broadcast the death of Hitler on May 1st, 1945, and just like that the era of the world’s most demonic figure comes to an end.


The theorist believes that Hitler and his wife escaped through the Berlin bunkers and they were replaced by body doubles. The body doubles were later killed by the Nazi soldiers in the same way the official report described and then declared the death of Hitler.

Support for Conspiracy

Nazi radios broadcast the death of Hitler. Nazi Germany was the greatest propagandist nation ever to run the earth. So how can we absolutely believe that the broadcasted news was genuine? Moreover, the allies didn’t find Hitler’s body and the Nazi government declared death. So, no verification.

They did find a body on May 2nd, 1945 that looked like Hitler at first glance. But later it was concluded that it was a body double and not the real Hitler. Body doubles were widely used by politicians and leaders during World War 2 including Stalin, Churchill, and of course, Hitler.

Hitler’s lookalike found near the Berlin bunkers.
Snippet from Conspiracy

Also declassified documents show that American Intelligence agents were searching for Hitler’s sightings for months and years after the end of WW2. They even designed portraits of what Hitler might look like in various disguises. They weren’t convinced about his suicide.

Portraits of what Hitler might look like in various disguise

But this theory changed completely when the soviets dropped a huge bombshell. They declared that they had Hitler’s body all along and an autopsy of jaw conducted in “secrecy” confirmed the identification of Hitler. But the official report of the UK and the USA states that they were nobodies discovered in the premises of the bunkers, except for the body double. And if the Soviets had discovered the body in 1945, why did the Russians hide it from the US and the British? Even Comrade Stalin as a matter of fact didn’t know about this as he kept on saying that they’d escaped.

Turn of Events

In 2009, the case blew wide open again. The American Intelligence Agency run a DNA test on the piece of a skull found by the Russians that they claim was of Hitlers. The DNA test said otherwise. It was of a 40-year-old woman. After this incident, the Russians refused to allow anyone else access to the so-called evidence.

“If you tell a lie often enough and loudly enough, it becomes the truth.” – Hitler

So where did Hitler go?
A theory proposed by a British Historian suggests that Nazis built a secret colony in the South Pole. The secret colony was believed to have an underground factory system, underground medical care facilities, and whatnot.

But was it possible? A huge tunnel in Antartic?

Vast underground tunnels discovered in Austria at the end of the war is proof that the above could have been possible. It was built to accommodate 60,000 men.

Fortress in Antarctic

The Nazis had an expedition to the south pole in 1938. The report said it was for scientific purposes. But the leader of the expedition was no scientist. It was Herman Goring, the chief of the German Air Force.

The arrival of two U-boats in Argentina in June 1945 after the end of WW2 confirmed that there was something built in the Antarctic. The Americans had no doubt about the Nazi stronghold in Antarctica. The conspiracy theorists believe that a year after the discovery of the U-boats in Argentina, Washington ordered a battle fleet to the South Pole. The official reports say that this was a mapping expedition. But they had a single aircraft carrier which carried 100 planes. Adding to that, they had submarines, icebreakers, and a thousand aircraft.

Declassified documents revealed that Task Force 68 was a classified mission. The mission “Operation High jump”, was to train American troops in Arctic warfare. In short, it wasn’t for killing Nazis.

A detail article about the Hitler escape can be read here

If we collect all the small bit information and put it together and form a sort of montage, in a squint, we can find that there may be something to it. But officially, it’s total hogwash. What do you think?

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