GTA 6: Will Grand Theft Auto ever tear the pitch Of the Gaming World again?

GTA (Grand theft auto), a game series which probably if you don’t know has been valuing itself in the Gaming world for more than a couple of decades. The Game was first released by Rockstar Games on October 21, 1997, and remains evergreen with the extreme development every year as the generations pass by along with their curiosity of surveying “what’s new this year?” Such a game with so much indoors, that shows the possibility of real-life even in gameplay, we sure are fortunate enough to have this type in our generation.
It’s been 7 years since GTA VI showed up and it seems the gamers around the planet couldn’t wait anymore to thrill their Play Stations again.

The Rockstar Games hasn’t officially announced the release date of GTA VI yet, However, rumors and news are quite rolling around as GTA VI expected to be launched soon from over waited fans and gamers which is of course not new for one of the most highly anticipated games on the planet right now. Despite this ever-increasing list of rumors, Rockstar Games has so far given no official announcement over the Game Title either. The most significant rumor came from the YouTube channel which even stated that an inside source told it that GTA VI will be appearing between 2021-2022 and is being developed under the code name Project Americas.

The Game will most likely be having the corresponding features and controls still there’s no doubt the requirements will be far upstairs comparing the last game. The expected PC- requirements for GTA VI are OS of Win 10 64, with the Processor of Intel Core i7-8700K 6-Core 3.7GHz and of course a graphics of AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 Liquid 8GB or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Tia with the minimum storage of 55GB of a Hard-drive. We can even expect to get around 60FPS at 1080p screen resolutions on high graphics settings with this hardware. However, the city and the vehicles and other specifications about the game are still beyond the curtain as much other info. I’ll be certain enough to reach everything as soon as Rockstar announces anything regarding the game.

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