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25 Nov 2020

How your everyday device is killing hundreds of people around the world? 

How your everyday device is killing hundreds of people around the world?

Yep, you heard it right, the everyday device which all of us use on our day to day basis is killing people around the globe on a large scale. This isn’t about the effects and concerns of 5G, wi-fi and phone signals in general to our brain and body. The most obvious example is all the people who are killed on roads just because they were the ones stupidly looking at their phones while driving and also because people are glued to their screen or walking around like a zombie posting on Instagram and Facebook not being completely aware of the traffic and the surroundings around them. The number of pedestrians killed on US roads has risen by a staggering 51% since 2009. In 2017, pedestrian fatalities in Australia jumped by 20% in a year, with police blaming the stupidity of smartphones. Stand at an intersection for half an hour and you’ll see five or 10 people just being saved or stopping themselves from walking out into traffic because they were looking down at their phone. When you tap them on the shoulder and they look up it’s as though they’ve been in some sort of daze because they are so engrossed in their phone.

While there are people being killed every day because of their stupidity, you must be congratulating yourself for not being like that, let’s talk about how smartphones will affect you in other ways. yeah sure, your smartphones let’s you access to a lot of knowledgeable informations from around the world and lets you keep in touch with your loved ones, but it is also designed to trigger happy chemicals in our brain which makes us use it more often which makes us no better as compared to a drug-addict and with us being constantly glued to the small screen it affects everything in our lives from the way we sleep to our attention span, our memory, our self-esteem, decision-making skills, and our physical health. Some of the apps and social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchats, etc are designed in such a way that it wants us to check them endlessly. Besides this, there are reports that smartphones also cause anxiety, depressions and insomnia and these diseases and mental problems are popular among teenagers. Regardless of what health effects you believe 5G networks might have in the coming years, it’s clear that the devices we’re already using, already addicted to, in fact, have had an enormous effect on society, and mortality and they’ve only been around for little more than a decade. The device may yet prove to be a more potent example of humanity shooting itself in the foot.

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