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25 Nov 2020
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Human Psychology 

Human Psychology

Humans are truly a fascinating creation. From the very early ages when humans had such little to explore and live with till now, a massively technologically surrounded environment, there has been a spark in every generation of the human mankind. But have you ever wondered how the human brain condescends these changes or even how behavioral change occurs in the psychological department of the system? In this article I’ll marginally define these changes and inform you on some topics related to the human conscious and unconscious phenomena.

Grouping Psychology

Personality Psychology, a major topic of interest in psychology. Personality makes a human what they are and defines a certain persona. It is a study which aims to show how people are naturally different due to psychological forces acting upon them every second. A group of teenagers can be exampled in this scenarios, not everyone of them will have the same opinion on everything and will choose to differ while taking an action. This individualization factor lies under ‘Personality Psychology’.
Adding on, personality is an amalgam of behavior, feeling, emotion and ideology pattern that defines a certain human nature within everyone in this world. Understanding this pattern of ‘Personality Psychology’ allows the graduates to prophesize on how people will react to different situations and why they choose to do so.

Social Psychology, is a behavioral topic where as its name suggests, social psychologists seek to understand social behavior, including how an individual interacts with another and how people influence the changes in our behavior. It is a field that looks at a wide variety of social behaviors including topics such as the bystander effect, attitudes, and personal perception.

Behavioral Changes

Social Media
If you have not realized by now, ‘Social Medias’ play a vital role in many individuals personal and public life, from the dusk till dawn it can keep you updated about countless things happening around you. However certain influences from social media can change your thinking and have an unknowing impact on you. In most of the cases, these things matter completely up to the individual on whether he or she wants to be involved in “unsafe” posts on social media. Most young-adults seem to ignore thinking about the consequences if they do choose to be intricate on social media and think it won’t affect their flow of life in the later years. These funny mistakes lead to a very unstable personal and public life.
An interview conducted by Salon with Dr. Erin Vogel, a postdoc in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco concluded, in one hand social media validations such as likes and tags has made teenagers reserved and shy and also resulted in occurrence of life threatening activities whereas on the other hand, social medias have helped the youths overcome depression and anxiety since there is a sense of anonymity available and one is exposed to a larger and much more.

And finally, the environment or as we commonly refer it as the place we reside and grow up in. The environment one resides in can have a rationalizing mental impact on a sole. I.e. in a society full of drunkards, a person will theoretically have more chances being exposed to lethal liquor consumption. Furthermore, this can then impact the other people surrounding that impacted person as well. It’s almost like a natural circumstance where a habit (good or bad) gets passed to the ones around you. 

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