Is YouTube Rewind 2019 actually worse than 2018?

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It has been the tradition since 2010 for Youtube to release a ‘Rewind’ video at the end of every single year. This ‘Rewind’ video of Youtube features all the main things that happened in Youtube on that year.

After so many hate and dislikes on Youtube Rewind 2018, Youtube decided to put what ‘we’ liked on this year’s rewind. But oh boy, did they just make it even worse than the previous year?

Youtube Rewind 2019 is just statistics of 2019 like most liked videos, most viewed creators, etc. which we could have anyway got from other channels like Watchmojo.

Youtube has successfully failed the task of pleasing its audiences with Rewind this year als well. This year’s rewind has also already gotten way more dislikes than likes. The like and dislike ratio might not be bad as of Youtube Rewind 2018, but still, they sucked at making a good rewind video.

After the backlash faced by Youtube Rewind 2018 because of it being cringy and not including top tier Youtube creators. They decided to play safe this year, which made this year’s rewind boring. Youtube didn’t even try to make something cool for the rewind of this year. They are like, “Here are the statistics of 2018 which you could have gotten through internet anyway”.

Many people wanted to see some tiny bit of cringe and memes on this year’s rewind, but sadly their expectations weren’t fulfilled. They did focus on creators this year because of which they got some better dislike to like ratio. But that wasn’t enough for the Rewind; I wonder if they forgot how to make rewind after the shock they received in 2018.

I am seriously confused if this is the actual rewind or not. The viewers had so many expectations that Youtube will do something fun and exciting to watch, but no, they didn’t meet the expectations of many peoples, and I am one of them. Now, it’s just a matter of time to see what would Youtube come up with, in Youtube Rewind 2020. I don’t even have any expectations now because I don’t want to be disappointed yet again.

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