NBA: The End Of Golden State Dynasty

Golden State Warriors were literally invincible for the past 5 seasons (2015-2019) making it to finals each year and winning 3 (2015, 2017, 2018). This team had everything -arguably the best point guard in NBA and the best shooter in the franchise ever –Stephen Curry, excellent defender –Draymond Green, another great shooter –Klay Thompson and addition to the already beast team was Kevin Durant who joined Warriors in 2017. They dominated every team in the league. They also revolutionized 3 points in the league due to the ‘Splash Brothers’ (Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson). Their 3pt percentage was something never seen in the game. Fast forward to 2019 -by far the Warriors’ one of the worst seasons. How did such a team become so bad?

By struggling in 2019 finals and losing to Toronto Raptors, KD decided to leave Golden State also due to his Achilles injury. KD signed fouryears, $164M contract for Brooklyn Nets. The team was still looking pretty decent with Splash Brothers but Klay Thompson was out due to his torn ACL in 2019 finals. The final blow was the injury of Curry. To add fuel to fire Curry was injured due to his hand. This left the Warriors crippled. Promising player D’Angelo Russell who was traded to Warriors this season was playing well this season but due to his ankle injury, he is also out of action. Only Draymond remains who is inefficient without proper offense as he is a defensive player. This season looks worse after each match for Warriors.

Optimistically looking at the Warriors, Curry, Klay, and D’Angelo will return. Looking at current stats of Warriors it looks like finals won’t come to San Francisco. But fans can definitely hope for the better season next year. They also have the chance of picking 1st pick from the draft next season. Rumors suggest LaMelo Ball will the number 1 pick who is an extremely talented and skilled player. There are chances for Melo to sign the Dubs. So next season can be pretty good for the Golden Bay.

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