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24 Nov 2020

Nepal’s New Political Map: Why China and Manisha Koirala Prepend 

Nepal’s New Political Map: Why China and Manisha Koirala Prepend

After announcing to include the Kalapani territory in the new map earlier this week, the Nepal government unveiled its new political map on Wednesday, 20th of May. This inclusion of Lipulekh, Kalapani extends the total area of the map from 147,181 to 147,516 square kilometers.

Government unveils new political map including Kalapani, Lipulekh and Limpiyadhura inside Nepal borders
Image Source: Padma Aryal Secretariat

The new map was endorsed through the cabinet via the land minister for Land Management, Padma Kumari Aryal which sparked countless especially amongst the Indian media. Nepal defends its land as per the Sugauli Treaty whereas, the Indian media believes China is steering Nepal on this circumstance. The video below has started an ongoing twitter trend ChinaUsesNepal, accordingly, the people of Nepal have also campaigned backoffindia. As a result, many Nepalese have mass blocked ABP News twitter profile and are savagely against the host journalist.

Indian journalist Arnab Goswami sparks a new debate following the border issue regarding China

Manisha Koirala, a Nepalese born Indian actress has rigorously been dragged into this controversy when she opposed against India for the new map of Nepal. She has been trolled and abused in the replies and retweets quoting,
You are supporting the illegal map of Nepal to support India instead of you on such an issue which makes your identity from India. The Indian film industry gave you a lot of fame and money and that how you repay us #bycott_mkoirala” and,
Manisha very soon, Nepal will b under capture (Mount Everest) of China, Now India shouldn’t help Nepal. and India should strongly oppose, Map which is release by Nepal

As expected per the viewers, India is not easily handing the territory to Nepal even with the new map publicized. The new controversy opens a whole new perspective on India, Nepal, and China’s relationship as neighbors and could very likely impact the economic growth in each of the countries.

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