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24 Nov 2020

Nepal’s Suicide Rate rockets to 875, mental health experts warn of a ‘grim situation’ 

Nepal’s Suicide Rate rockets to 875, mental health experts warn of a ‘grim situation’

Imagine you are trapped inside your house with your kids and family for more than two months. You have no job, no source of income and you’ve got mouths to feed and bills to pay. Any normal human would be mentally strained by this situation.

Earlier this month, Nepal Police found two dead bodies in Butwal Sub-metropolitan City in Rupandehi district. The investigation report pointed out the reason behind their death was suicide. This is just one of the many examples of suicide cases that has been rising rapidly during the lockdown period in Nepal.

The data compiled by the Nepal Police show that the suicide cases across Nepal have increased by 20 percent. A total of 875 people have committed suicide during the lockdown. In the first month of the lockdown alone, a total of 487 people committed suicide. The data compiled by Nepal Police suggests that the number during the lockdown is considerably high and 38 people had committed suicide in the Kathmandu valley alone.

Mental health experts have connected the cases to the global pandemic. They have also predicted that the cases could go up as the rate of mental health illness is expected to see a significant rise. “During the lockdown, people suffer from mental illness such as anxiety, depression, fear of getting the illness, among different problems. All these reasons have some connections behind the increase in the number of suicide cases” Dr. Sagun Ballav Pant, who is an assistant professor of psychiatry at the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH) stated to republica.

As the lockdown order is almost into the third month, people have started to face financial problems due to job losses. Also the fear of getting infected from corona virus is making people anxious. Mental health is a serious issue and it’s peak time people understand this and take it seriously. If suicidal thoughts come, people need to share with friends and family members. The whole world is facing the same issue so we must join hands and go through this together.

The 24-hour mental health hotline number of TUTH is: 9840021600

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