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25 Nov 2020

New Zealand declared as a virus-free nation 

New Zealand declared as a virus-free nation

With the pandemic raging all over the world, New Zealand declares itself a virus-free nation with 0 cases for almost 18 days in a row. The last known patient was released 13 days ago.

The country of around 5 Million 1,154 confirmed cases and 22 deaths from Covid-19 since the virus arrived in late February.

The world has been left in shock of New Zealand’s successful efforts in eliminating Covid-19 – and Jacinda Ardern’s celebratory “little dance” has led global headlines.

However, the prime minister has still locked down the country’s border for foreign travels. The New Zealanders who will be returning back to the country are requested to go through a 14 days period of isolation.

Under the new rules implemented by the officials, everything can go back to normal. Hospitals, schools, public transport, etc will resume back to normal like before. Social distancing is not compulsory but will still be encouraged.

The country was closed during the late march which The Prime Minister described as “Go hard, Go early” is now free of virus and can start focusing on economic recovery and opening local businesses.

Prime Minister Ardern says this is the “effort and team-work” of all the 5 million people tasked with keeping each other healthy.

Ms. Ardern warns that the country will “certainly see cases again”, adding that “elimination is not a point in time, it is a sustained effort”.

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