Sonu Nigam vs T-series

Sonu Nigam’s recent vlog has gone viral among the Indians where he talks about the cruel business practices inside the Indian music Industry where he specifically targets the T-series owner Bhushan Kumar.

He told in a video that the top two music label industry in India who calls the shots on which artists should and should not work in a song and pushes the newcomers into the edge.

This was his second video after actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. In his first video Nigam says that “you will soon hear about suicides in the music industry”. Sonu Nigam claimed on video that T-series owner Bhushan Kumar is trying to sabotage his image.

After Sonu uploads the video speaking about favoritism in the Indian music industry, Bhushan Kumar’s wife Divya Khosla takes it to twitter posting the video with a caption “The bitter truth” claiming that the singer was selling ‘lies’ and ‘deceits’.

Taking a swipe at his allegations about the music label not welcoming talented outsiders, she hit out saying, “You haven’t introduced any talent into the industry”.

Khosla calls Nigam “Thankless” for whatever the industry has done for him in the past year and backing him up.

The netizens also started trolling actress Divya Khosla all over the social media which led her to turn off commenting on twitter to avoid trolls and backlash from the netizens.

So after Sonu’s video went viral, Twitter was furious and the netizens all over social media started calling for unsubscribing to T-series claiming that Music mafia is targeting Sonu Nigam.

This whole controversy seems like a Pewdiepie vs T-series all over again, except this time the slogan has changed from #subscribetoT-series to #UnsubscribetoT-series trending all over the social media platforms.

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