The Downfall of Conor McGregor

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Oh boy, what type of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fan does not know about Conor Mcgregor. Some say he is a great boxer with his southpaw while some say he is just a whiskey-drinking arrogant prick. Surely, this man is undoubtedly a great boxer with a 21-4 win/loss professional MMA debut under his name with a net worth of about 100 million and of course has his own branded whiskey company. However, it seems like McGregor’s career is going downhill. Of course, there have been several allegations on his arrogant behavior like fights in public, bars, not attending to UFC organized functions, but let’s talk about his career on the octagon.

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After the win against Eddie Alvarez on November 12, 2016, he then disappeared for 2 years leaving the fans to wonder what was he up to, many thought he wouldn’t be returning to UFC. But, that was until a Russian fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov challenged him to the ring. So, the whole process was Mcgregor being an arrogant prick started when he refused to attend the weigh-ins, conference, trash-talking until he faced Khabib on the octagon and was brutally beaten up and was forced to submit on the fourth round. It was a huge disappointment for all the fans seeing Mcgregor being a sloppy fighter and arrogant. Mcgregor, of course, makes several excuses regarding the outcome of his fight saying he will come back stronger and there are talks of a rematch between Khabib and Mcgregor. Overall this particular moment in the life of Mcgregor was disastrous. As for the fans, we can only hope he comes back as stronger as his excuses were.

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