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25 Nov 2020

The rise and fall in leadership 

The rise and fall in leadership
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We wake up every morning with this renovated spirit to win the same thing which took almost a decade for us to learn for the purpose of winning it. We as humans go through many obstacles to achieve this goal, we keep ourselves on the line for most of our day just to make our objective succeed. ‘Leadership’ could be defined as the same goal we persevere, if you want it then you would just dive into it without any second thoughts and devote all you could. Literally it’s an art of providing ways along with motivating the group, leading to achieving a common goal. In this process people tend to learn from various positions i.e as an executive, developing his/her company’s strategy to beat the competition. To put it simply, a captain or a leader is very much the director of the action made by the group.

As we tend to realise, good leadership should include the potential to delegate, motivate and communicate along with commitment and creativity. People often try to catch up to each other as a leader but little do they know the hindrances to reach up that level of the ocean. Failures around us seemingly know the meaning of accepting themselves and moving on with better strategies, hoping someday we might see them in the place as a good leader. Good leadership values are not something someone owns by birth, it’s all about refinement in one’s particular skills. A true leader should be open to tackling the obstacles in order to fight with it. The one who increases their company’s bottom line is then only considered as an effective leader.
However, being able to do this requires attributes that extend far off management duties. The decisions made by the leaders should be satisfying to the group and should feel comfortable in itself with the way decisions are made and priorities are defined as this will be the motivating factor for the followers. However, a leader should stay in their challenging zone rather than a comfort zone to stay tuned for inordinate achievements.

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If you are wondering about the best examples of greatest leaders in business then you can flashback the history to the last 3 decades. A very overused example is none-other-than Bill Gates, the founder and the former CEO of Microsoft. He had his days as a transformational leader focusing on the same thing he was good at, creating and marketing computer diplomacy. According to some, Gates made it the best it could be for his time.
From one side of the coin to the other, Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple as the most outrageous company ever which is growing in millions as we speak. Unsurprisingly because of Apple’s quality and pricing, it became the first-ever $1T(trillion) company ever.
Adding on, one of the finest Asian entrepreneurs of this era who was turned down from multiple jobs and declined by 3 or more universities, Jack Ma. Furthermore, he is also the co-founder and former executive chairman of Alibaba Group which is the most famous e-commerce company based in Asia with a record of the highest IPO(Initial public offering) in history.

All of the leaders mentioned above had the same key for their success and that is ‘FOCUS’ and good leadership with their business. No matter how much incapacitated they were, these people left us sustainable lessons via work and leadership they had. Each and every leader should create commitment and enthusiasm amongst followers to achieve their goals as only good leadership is efficient in this modernizing society.

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