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24 Nov 2020

This is how Delhis’ pollution is greeting Indian people 

This is how Delhis’ pollution is greeting Indian people
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Pollution has always been a significant reason for humans in terms of degradation of their life expectancy. Either people are taking it seriously or not but whatever scenario it creates it has always been humans to over creation and as the same of its destruction. Recently Delhi had its guts to show up again with much overwhelm pollution and it is yet again moving towards intense category. Its not like the city was in pristine form before, however the condition has gotten worse when it shouldn’t have. Things changed suddenly after the 2019 summer as the 7th largest country situated in the eastern hemisphere was suffering from the excessive heat and rainfall which suddenly led to pollution.

We cannot be absolutely certain but of course the major reason for the pollution could be nothing less than vehicles and industry. Adding on, bonfires, fire on agricultural land, burning garbage and illegal activities of industries play an immense role in India’s pollution. According to the Ambient Air Pollution(AAP), Delhi already had PM 2.5 pollution levels followed by Beijing. The current status of Delhi is around 2.5 AQI as 154 which is considered as the maximum till now. The air pollution around the world has been roaming around like inevitable issue as its growth has the vital effect over human health. It consists long-term health effect like lung cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease and could be other long term effect over several organs like kidneys, nerves e.t.c. Scientists around the world are even suspecting air pollution over birth defects and infertility.

The Indian government is contemplating on odd-even scheme, given the current worsening scenario in the capital and it will be implemented for 12 days from November 4 to till November 15, 2019. The supreme court of India is appealing for the fact that they’re not able to do anything as the farmers has burned whole load of crops resulting in Delhi choking each and every year. The schools and institutes were closed down till November 15 because of rise in pollution level but watching over all this current states. With such astounding incidents, we cannot be certain about tomorrows condition in Delhi. However it’s not like it can’t be control, the people can always appeal to the government. Though the public is most likely responsible for all of this trauma, it’s time for us to to participate in our favorable ways. Reusing, recycling & composting can have a big effect over this pollution and for clean and tidy environment. As being the educated citizen, encouraging our people about how they can contribute to clean air initiatives and educate them all in a different ways.

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