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25 Nov 2020
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Tiktok’s fake beauty tutorial 

Tiktok’s fake beauty tutorial

TikTok has been a growing platform for upcoming artists and the teenagers seem to have a massive contribution towards the TikTok’s content community.
Recently, a 17-years-old Feroza Aziz from New Jersy, United States, posted a video on social media which brought out a different perspective in everyone’s thinking.

The 17 years old started her video with a beauty tutorial underlining on how to extend eyelashes and started her video as such,
“So, the first thing you need to do is grab your lash curler, curl your lashes obviously,” and then proceeded onto talking controversially about China.
“Then, you’re gonna put them down and use the phone you’re using right now to search what is happening in China, how they’re getting concentration camps, throwing innocent Muslims in there,” she claimed. “This is another Holocaust, yet no one is talking about it.”

Feroza Aziz’s viral video

The 17 years old Feroza was then banned from her account on TikTok, however, the social media company replied that the action wasn’t taken because of her video but because she had violated the media’s rule on terrorism material earlier on November 15.
As the media has reportedly quoted, the video was clipped to mock Osama Bin Laden which was certified as yet another violent measure which resulted in her smartphone getting IP banned from TikTok.

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  1. Annapurna Byabasai

    Yes tiktok is cancerous nowadays i hate tiktok, i use digital watch so i don’t have to hear the sound

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