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25 Nov 2020

Two Nepali Arrested in Sydney for Fraud 

Two Nepali Arrested in Sydney for Fraud

According to the New South Wales Police, 22-year-old Neha Giri and her 19-year-old boyfriend are the primary suspects of a recent fraud in Sydney, Australia. The Nepalese pair are held behind the bars for fleecing thousands of dollars from vulnerable and naive residents of Sydney.

“Despicable act, scammers are part of the international fraud syndicate deliberately targeting the elderly,” said the Sydney police. The duos are next set to appear in a trial in August this year, till then they are imprisoned.

The victim was an 85-year-old woman who reached out to the Police and stated “she had received a call from someone claiming to be a representative from her bank stating her account had been compromised and she needed to open a new account

Area police quoted, “after reporting the matter to the police, the woman received further calls from members of the syndicate advising she would be required to provide a further $5000, and a courier would collect the cash on Monday

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