UK Government questions Huawei 5G network

The UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is questioning Huawei’s roles in UK telecom once again. The Trump administration has banned the involvement of Huawei in both the technology and telecom sectors in the US.

The United Kingdom has been resisting pressure from the US and Australia to ban Huawei from building 5G networks, with foreign nations afraid Beijing could use the system for spying purposes.

Britain now says it’s NCSC will review Huawei’s participation in the rollout of 5G infrastructure. “The security and resilience of our networks are of paramount importance,” the British Government said in a statement.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is planning to reduce Chinese telecoms equipment maker Huawei’s involvement in Britain’s 5G network in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

Johnson has asked officials to make plans to reduce China’s involvement in British infrastructure to zero by 2023. The Australian and US officials are welcoming the UK plan to eradicate Huawei from the telecom sectors with open arms.

This move will hurt UK service providers as all rely on Huawei’s 5G equipment and have insisted that restrictions will drive up costs and hinder the UK rollout of new 5G services during a critical time for the country’s economy.

As a leading smartphone maker, the action will be a major hit to Huawei, who is struggling to launch handsets without access to Google’s propriety software, including the popular Google Play Store.

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