Will the Oscars 2021 be conducted despite the release of few movies?

The movie industry’s biggest night, The Oscars 2021 is currently scheduled for February 28.
But unfortunately, we might have to wait a little longer to find out who’s in the envelopes next year.

Next year’s Oscars could be delayed due to the disruption caused by the coronavirus in Hollywood, according to a report in the film industry magazine Variety.

With theaters shuttered, blockbusters delayed and productions halted, the prize-giving Academy has already been forced to make significant rules changes and the Oscar may delay up to 4 months which possibly takes place in late May or June.

No formal proposals or detailed discussions have yet taken place over moving the event, or potential new dates, the report said. Other movie award shows have yet to announce delays to their ceremonies, though many have also loosened eligibility rules as cinemas across the world have closed during lockdowns.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is giving studios a longer release time for their films to be eligible for Oscars Nominations which means unreleased movies of this year will make their way into the 2021 awards.

Film Studios have been informed of the plans and are now drawing up their release date accordingly. But with everything still so up in the air, its all rather tentative at the moment.

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