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25 Nov 2020

World No Tobacco Day 

World No Tobacco Day

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World No Tobacco Day, a day to push everyone up to free their hands off smoke every year has finally shown up with new hope to enlighten people around the planet again. From 1987, every 31st May, World No Tobacco Day is observed with great slogans and faith by WHO around the world.

The Member States of the World Health Organization created World No Tobacco Day in 1987 to attract global attention to the tobacco pandemic and the preventable death and disease it causes on the Human body and the Environment.

One thousand Americans quit smoking every day by dying only with an annum rate of 8 million around the world. With this much lives losing every year, the truth is there isn’t any safe level exposure regarding Tobacco.

Just like every year, the WHO has aimed up to implement a new slogan to work over “Protecting youth from industry manipulation and preventing them from tobacco and nicotine use“.

In the past twenty-one years, the day has been met with both enthusiasm and stability around the globe from governments, public health organizations, smokers, growers, and the Tobacco industry which has been approaching with the increasing result of more than 1.4 million quitters every year.

Also this year 2020 pandemic lock-down might be good timing to find a way to try and quit tobacco. Better food, exercises, Yoga, etc may be able to help you get the perfect functioning body for your betterment.

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